New Construction & Builder Warranty

What are New Construction and Builder Warranty Inspections?

New Home Construction & Builder Warranty Inspections involve inspections of a new home which is conducted during the purchase or after buyers take ownership of the home and before the builder warranty expires respectively.
During the inspection, a qualified inspector thoroughly examines the entire property, including the foundation, structure, electrical systems, plumbing, HVAC, and other essential components. They pay close attention to the quality of workmanship, and materials used. Areas of concern are documented in a detailed home inspection report, which is then provided to the builder or homeowner.

Why get your newly constructed home inspected?

Identify issues early on: New construction inspections are crucial to ensure that your newly constructed home meets all the necessary standards and is free from any defects or issues. The primary purpose of a new construction inspection is to identify any errors or potential problems that may have been overlooked during the building process. Providing a detailed inspection report completed by a licensed home inspector can help buyers negotiate with the builder for any necessary repairs or improvements.

Save money: Builder warranty inspections are conducted towards the end of the builder’s warranty period, typically within the first year of homeownership. During a builder warranty inspection, the inspector thoroughly examines the property, focusing on areas that commonly experience problems, such as plumbing, electrical systems, roofing and structural components. Any defects or issues discovered are documented in a comprehensive report, which homeowners can then present to the builder for resolution rather than paying out of pocket for the repairs when the warranty expires.

Peace of Mind: Both types of inspections offer peace of mind for the buyer; knowing their investment is in good hands and allows them to address any issues with the builder before moving in or before their warranty expires, ensuring that necessary repairs or corrections are made promptly.

“Peak to Peak Inspection takes pride in covering your home top to bottom during an inspection, especially the areas you may not be able to reach. You may be surprised what we have discovered inspecting brand new homes!”

– Adam DeRose Owner Operator of Peak To Peak Inspection

Actual Report Findings On New Construction & Builder Warranty Inspections:



Overall, new home construction and builder home warranty inspections are essential steps in ensuring the quality and integrity of a newly built home. They provide homeowners with the necessary information to address any concerns and protect their investment. By conducting these inspections, buyers can have confidence in the construction process and enjoy their new home without worrying about hidden defects or issues.

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