Home Energy Score

City Of Bend Requirements

As of July 1, 2023, all homes publicly listed in Bend must include a Home Energy Score report. This will allow homebuyers to compare the efficiency of homes as they are considering their purchase, and have information about cost-effective upgrades once they purchase a home.

Home sellers must obtain and disclosure a Home Energy Score Report when the home is listed publicly for sale if the home is:

  • Within Bend City limits – check your address with the City of Bend Address Lookup Tool
  • A residential detached single-dwelling unit on its own lot
  • A residential attached unit, such as a duplex, triplex, townhouse, condominium, or other, where the unit extends from foundation to roof,
  • whether or not the unit is on its own lot. Attached units that are side-by-side, and not stacked (one unit on top of another, like in an apartment building), must receive a score. Stacked units cannot get a score and are not subject to the requirement.
  • Manufactured homes will currently not be expected to receive a score, due to the HES tool not being able to accommodate them at this time.
  • Manufactured homes are included in the code and may be required to obtain a score at a later date.

A Home Energy Score provides an energy efficiency rating for a home, similar to a miles per gallon rating for vehicle or nutrition facts on a food product. It uses a standardized tool to assess a homes structure, heating and cooling systems, and other energy-related features to produce an efficiency score.


Earth Advantage

About Earth Advantage
Earth Advantage® is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on helping to create an informed and humane residential real estate marketplace that: Acknowledges both the climate impacts of housing and the impact climate has on housing; Provides all homebuyers and renters with access to sustainability-related information about a home; Supports equitable housing outcomes, protecting those most vulnerable from the effects of climate change, and; Recognizes both the personal and societal value that climate-friendly housing creates. Earth Advantage’s team is located across five states with a headquarters in downtown Portland, Oregon in the PAE Living Building. The organization’s commitment to carbon reduction strategies is demonstrated by the 17,000+ individuals who have participated in Earth Advantage training, the approximately 4,000 high-performance residential units certified each year by our green building team, the 30,000+ homes with a verified Home Energy Score, and the over 2 million homes contained in our Green Building Registry.